Airsoft Hawksbay

232 Crew - Wellington

We are a Wellington-based airsoft club.

We are considered more a MILSIM style club (whatever that really means). Our game style is more focused on objective based play involving lots of patrolling, mission planning, etc. rather than your typical rush/capture the flag type skirmish games.

We aim to hold at least monthly events, usually the 2nd Saturday of every month.

If you'd like to come along to an event and check us out then jump over to our Facebook page, flick a message our way and introduce yourself.


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AHB - Hawkes Bay

Airsoft Hawkes Bay


We are a Hawkes Bay based airsoft club. 


Our clubs play style is very casual, playing a lot of gamemodes you will be familiar with from games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. 

If your a gamer and need some exercise, this is the sport for you. 

Seen some videos on YouTube and want to have a go, well come on down to our next game.


We have games on every 2nd Sunday so there's plenty of opportunities to come have a go.


Remember your first game is FREE!

If you'd like to come along to a game day, check us out over on our facebook page "Airsoft Hawkes Bay (Inc)", flick us a message for info or if you have any questions.



ASA - Auckland

Welcome to the fastest growing and biggest club in the country with over 100 members

Airsoft Auckland is the club to join in Auckland. We have an event running almost every weekend and regularly get a turn out of over 80 players. We use over 12 different fields with a variety of terrain from bush to disused industrial sites spread all over Auckland, from Onehunga to Hellensville. These fields included bunkers trenches and other objects to enhance the playing environment and ensure the field always holds a surprise We became an official incorporated society in mid 2007 and have since become more than just an Airsoft Club but a group of mates.

We have a high standard in safety and provide regular, quality gaming from casual to military simulation.

If you are new to the sport we would love to see you out on the field and show you what airsoft is all about. We provide an induction and training, we have loan guns and eye protection so no gear is required, just a fun attitude. If you are visiting from outside of Auckland we would equally like to have you along.

In April 2009 we started up a monthly team league which has been a great success with a number of team joining. This has turned airsoft from a game into a sport and enhanced the game play of all ASA events not just NOMAD.


Contact us through Facebook. Link below.



CSG - Christchurch

CSG, New Zealands oldest Airsoft club (established 1994) made up of absolute winners. We are a club that focuses on the social aspect of the sport, where the players and a good time comes first.

Do not be fooled however, as during our regular club game days, we like to play hard. 

Our club members also have a wide variety of gear they use from wearing jeans and a hoodie, to full marching order military style! Many players in our cohort wear different era gear.. WW2,cold war, 2000s, to modern day (and even the distant dark future).

Our members vary in their passion for this little known sport, some just do our game days. While others attend milsim style games across the country. But whatever skill level or game style you are, we welcome you, heare mai!


New players/wannabe members will face a gruelling barrage of help from the committee, with advice and guidance into guns and gear from head to toe.  


Club requirements for new players.

Must not be a dick.

Must be 18+ years old or 16 with a firearms licence.

Must listen and adhere to our safety rules upon first day.

Must have a passionate lust for banter, good times and “pew pew pew”.


We play fortnightly on a Saturday  You can find us on Facebook under Canterbury Softair Group which contains unique game day posts and links to game day pictures.  Currently our new website is under construction.


Some quotes from old and recent members.


“CSG is a welcoming club with a great sense of humour and fair play. New players are accommodated with club equipment and safety gear, meaning that players of all experience levels are able to join in and have a good time.” - Thumbs 


 “I have been in the club since 2005 and have made friends with people from all walks of life. It is the people of this club that make it what it is, they are the reason I have stayed in this club all this time. Wouldn’t settle for anything else. - Bishop 


“I have been around since just before my 18th birthday and have had the privilege of getting to know the other airsoft clubs across the country. Through this club I have made friends for life, now I am nearing 33 I am proud to say I have watched this club grow into a strong, healthy group.”

- Cake  (Lord High Commander/President of CSG)


DAC - Dunedin Airsoft Club

Dunedin Airsoft Corps (D.A.C.) is an Airsoft group based in Dunedin, Otago. Games every fortnight with the ideals of comradeship, fair play and above all having fun!

To come along and play with the club you either need to be over the age of 18, or 16 with a valid firearms license.

We take all skill ranges-from hardened veterans to complete newbies, whether you have your own gun or not. We are able to supply rental guns to get you hooked into the sport ;)

If you would like to express more interest feel free to contact us through Facebook (www.Facebook.com/DunedinAirsoft)


SWAG - Southern Wolves Airsoft Group

We are an Invercargill based Airsoft Club. Here is a link to our Facebook page!



NAC- Nelson Airsoft Corps

Nelson Airsoft Corps (NAC) 


Nelson Airsoft Corps is Nelson’s only Airsoft Incorporated Club.

Club days are every Sunday at a range of either CQB or Green fields. With the exception of the occasional Saturday or night games. 

NAC prides themselves on squad and tactics based games, in both skirmish and milsim styles.

Players must be 18 years of age and older or 16 years with a FAL. 

If you are new to airsoft we have gear to get you started. 


Whether you're visiting Nelson or new to the sport and want to join an airsoft club, contact us via our Facebook page @Nelson Airsoft or email your enquiries:


Web page: https://nelsonairsoft.co.nz/

OHAC LOGO_edited_edited_edited.png

OHC - Oamaru Hardballers Club

Oamaru hardballers

Est. 2020

ASNZ Affiliated.


Our field is based roughly 5 minutes from Oamaru, we have 20+ members and operate

(normally ) every second Sunday. 

We play a variety of games and are able to accommodate comfortably, 3 guests at a time. Affordable fees and friendly as guys.

You can contact us via our Facebook page @oamaru hardballers airsoft club.


RUB - Wellington

RubCore Airsoft (Rub)


Based in Wellington.


We are an airsoft club with an emphasis on fighting hard, having a good time and building a strong network of members who stand beside each other. Our focus is on playing airsoft, having fun and being social.


RuB Core attends large events such as ASNZ Nationals and various other interclub events on a regular basis to represent the club and its membership. We have experienced armourers who can advise new players on maintenance, upgrades and repair at regularly held workshops in the Wellington area. Our gaming zones are constantly being developed by our members and we periodically apply club resources and time to this activity.


We usually play every Sunday. So if you’re keen to play, get in touch with us either through our Facebook page below or by email romeouniformbravo@gmail.com. Players must be R18+ to join and your first game is FREE!




TAG - Tactical Airsoft Group - Christchurch

Tactical Airsoft Group (TAG)


Based in Christchurch.


Whether you are a lone sniper that likes to stalk his prey or set up in ambush; or you are the type that likes to charge in guns blazing and take as many of the enemy down with you as you can. TAG will have a game to suit your fighting style.


Contact us through our Facebook page if you’re interested in playing.



WF - Western Front Airsoft Club

The Western Front is a West Coast based Airsoft club.


The Western Front Airsoft Club is looking to increase its membership. We are always keen on introducing new people to the sport we love and it is great to get a wide diversity of people together that may not meet if it were not for this activity. Players of all skill levels are welcome to come try it out.


Check out our website to find out what’s involved for new players https://western-front.wixsite.com/site/get-involved and contact us by emailing westernfrontairsoftclub@gmail.com or through our Facebook page to find out more!