Airsoft Hawksbay

232 Crew - Wellington

Looking for political asylum?

Been kicked out of your club?

Located in the Northern Suburbs of Wellington?

Sick and tired of using 5 high caps a game?

Or just want to be a part of the sensation that is 232 Crew?

If you answered yes to any of these then you may qualify for a chance to be a part of the sensation that is 232 Crew!!!

The original 232 Crew, previously known as the Tawa Turnips, are the senior airsoft club in the Wellington region and were foundation members of, and helped form, what is now known as WAC along with Blackhawk, Gasman and Geordy - all legends of NZ airsoft. With this knowledge and experience behind us we take ourselves far too seriously.

Our Club is built on the foundation principles brought in by the Godfather* of 232 Crew, Biggs.'
(*Radio callsign "Godfather" is property right of T-dog)**
**which he blatantly stole from Generation Kill

We Believe Airsoft is:

90% looking good

15% thinking you're good

5% playing good

Doesn't add up? That's right! We require 110% from our members.

Still think you have the stuff? 

In 232 Crew you will find no hierarchy, no barking of orders, no military rubbish of that kind. We play as friends and teammates who want to have a good time and challenge ourselves in leadership, teamwork, making decisions under pressure, and situational awareness, which are all areas that could be used in our daily lives. 
We train every Thursday at the BSC, we play with multiple weapon types - not just with airsoft. The majority of games we play are scenario based and are MILSIM in style, role playing skills are essential to make these events both challenging and enjoyable for everyone involved. With these events, engagements can be few and far between so patience is a definite virtue here. But at the end of it all the aim is to have fun and if you're not, well... don't bother coming.

If you're interested in playing, post up in the 232 Crew area and we'll have a yarn with you and ask some questions and what not, don't worry we won't bite


Primary Rep: BIGGS


ASA - Auckland

Welcome to the fastest growing and biggest club in the country with over 100 members

Airsoft Auckland is the club to join in Auckland. We have an event running almost every weekend and regularly get a turn out of over 80 players. We use over 12 different fields with a variety of terrain from bush to disused industrial sites spread all over Auckland, from Onehunga to Hellensville. These fields included bunkers trenches and other objects to enhance the playing environment and ensure the field always holds a surprise We became an official incorporated society in mid 2007 and have since become more than just an Airsoft Club but a group of mates.

We have a high standard in safety and provide regular, quality gaming from casual to military simulation.

If you are new to the sport we would love to see you out on the field and show you what airsoft is all about. We provide an induction and training, we have loan guns and eye protection so no gear is required, just a fun attitude. If you are visiting from outside of Auckland we would equally like to have you along.

In April 2009 we started up a monthly team league which has been a great success with a number of team joining. This has turned airsoft from a game into a sport and enhanced the game play of all ASA events not just NOMAD.

Primary Rep: Tank

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AHB - Hawkes Bay

Welcome to Airsoft Hawkes Bay

AHB is Hawkes Bay's premier Airsoft club. We aim to provide an exciting, fun, and safe airsoft experience for our players. AHB is affiliated with ASNZ a national society of Airsoft Players.

We play once or twice a month depending on field availability, but generally at fields located within 20 minutes of Hastings or Napier. We sometimes combine with other clubs for special or national events. Our games normally start at 10AM, and players are encouraged to bring their own food and drink since we can often play over a whole day (Sometimes overnight for those Milsim Scenario Junkies!).

AHB Members are friendly and dedicated airsoft players. We believe in integrity on and off the field. We are always looking for like-minded people to join us and get the same kind of enjoyment we get from Airsoft.

If you don’t have any equipment don't let that stop you trying out the sport. We usually have some available to rent/borrow and BBs too!

If you live in Hawkes Bay and are interested in giving airsoft a try please contact us via email or the website.

Primary Rep: Torak


CSG - Christchurch

Canterbury Softair Group was first established in 1994 and is still going strong. It is one of the largest clubs in the South Island, regularly hosting games of 20+. Filled with experienced, friendly, and helpful people, the club has grown throughout the years and sports a mature level of play.

Currently we have outdoor games once a week and monthly indoor/CQB games, we have our own home field and a number of other fields we play at to break things up.

We also travel to or host other clubs for more competitive inter club games.

We have rental weapons and equipment available for those who wish to to try the sport out. We also have our own forums for members to discuss everything from club matters to weird and wacky youtube videos.


Primary Rep: Ohraz


AHB - Hawkes Bay

Dunedin Airsoft Corps (D.A.C.) is an Airsoft group based in Dunedin, Otago. Games every fortnight with the ideals of comradeship, fair play and above all having fun!

To come along and play with the club you either need to be over the age of 18, or 16 with a valid firearms license.

We take all skill ranges-from hardened veterans to complete newbies, whether you have your own gun or not. We are able to supply rental guns to get you hooked into the sport

If you would like to express more interest feel free to contact us through our Facebook page

Primary Rep: Spicy mchaggis