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Airsoft Sports New Zealand

Representing Airsoft in New Zealand

for over 15 Years

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About Us

What is Airsoft Sports New Zealand?


Airsoft Sports NZ has been actively protecting and safeguarding airsoft sports in New Zealand since 2003.

We promote safe and legal use of Airsoft in an appropriate club environment.


ASNZ represents the interests of New Zealand’s airsoft clubs as a not-for-profit and non-government organisation (NGO).


Nationally, we are the voice of Airsoft in New Zealand. Locally, we are the clubs – for the players, by the players.


Fundamental Purpose:

We have been protecting New Zealand airsoft players and clubs since 2003 and our fundamental purpose is to:

Continue to be the national body in New Zealand representing and advocating on behalf of airsoft players and clubs.

Represent the interests of airsoft players and member clubs to Government, Police and relevant government bodies.


Ensure the continued ability to access and play the sport of airsoft in New Zealand.


Ensure the sport and members interests are protected, advanced and advocated for in the best interests of airsoft sportsmen and sportswomen.


What does ASNZ do?
Watch this video....

Greatest Airsoft Battle Ever Fought @ NZ Parliament: 3-Zero Airsoft

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